Athon Lococo

Photographer at Photografica360

Athon Lo coco was born in Sicily on May 28, 1980 at Enna.  He graduated in Architecture in Palermo, specialized in Preparation and Museography.  Coming from generations of photographers, Athon has always been involved in the skill and art of photography.  Because of his surroundings and influences, he decided to pursue a career in photography arts with the same passion he put into his studies at university.

Since he has such an appreciation for the existing wonders around us, Athon chose to set aside architecture and focus mainly on photography.  Since 2009, he began professionally photographing different, special events like weddings, holidays, and events in Italy.  Today, he lives in Geneva and works for the Swiss newspaper and as an independent professional photographer.   Each day Athon tries to capture unique moments and details in the world by representing them in a simple snap!

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