Massimo Zanetti

Real Estate & Food Photography

Massimo Zanetti is a professional photographer, specialized in real estate photography and home staging on top of food and portrait . He discovered his great passion for photography when he arrived in 2006, where he felt the need to discover life through the lens. From this, his symbiotic relationship with the camera. He specialized in portrait photography primarily and in corporate and industrial reporting later. He has been lucky to be able to collaborate with multinational companies which, in a short time, have enabled him to achieve important goals and artistic maturity.

His passion for “real estate art” will lead him to deepen interior photography, with particular attention to real estate photography, with a continuous search for perfection, new perspectives, photographic techniques.

Became a point of reference for luxury real estate photography, thanks to its professionalism, attention to detail, speed of delivery and absolute discretion, as well as a broader vision of the use of drones and 360 ° photography (virtual tours)

His personal quote is:

“The idea of being able to show a feeling which no one else can see it is already a value add”

Massimo speaks Italian, French and English

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