Riccardo Galardi

FOUNDER AND OWNER of Photo-Events.ch & Galardi Media Network

Born in Florence (ITALY) in 1981, Riccardo has been passionate about science, physics, and photography since he was a child.

His father taught him how to use an old manual camera at a young age, and since then Riccardo has never stopped applying his creativity to his pictures.  Astrophotography, Macro and Panorama are the first images impressed on 35mm using analog technique.

Passionate in electronics, technology, video imaging and Web, in 2014, Riccardo decided to put his passion and competence into founding his own company, GALARDI MEDIA NETWORK.  His company works to teach, to find smart and innovative solutions, and to catch the moments and help people.

Riccardo and his wife, Marina, have traveled across Italy, Europe, USA and Australia, which has allowed Riccardo to let him explore photography’s ideas and concepts.

“Bring the camera wherever you bring your eyes.” These few words of Riccardo’s describe his pictures displayed today and, also, his lifestyle.

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