Thibaut Bouvier

Thibaut Bouvier

Photographer at

Photographer for 10 years in Switzerland, Thibaut tells your corporate events in photos. With his professionalism and personal touch, he delivers quality work for all your corporate photography needs. Photographing is loving people, and event photography is capturing emotions.

Conference, Show, Team-Building, Evenings, Salon, Trombinoscope, Group Photo, etc.

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Circo Nero - Village du Soir

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Francisco Jofré

Francisco Jofré

Photographer at

Architect and visual artist born in Santiago de Chile. He specializes in architecture, design and real estate photography.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in Santiago, Buenos Aires, New York, Madrid and Paris.

He currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Gioia Fedi

Gioia Fedi

Food & Studio Portraits Photographer

I was born in Italy and lived in Spain, England, Germany and since 2016 I am living in Switzerland. I am passionate about photography since I was a child and after experiencing working in the digital marketing field, I took the decision to fully dedicate to photography. I am based in Lausanne but available anywhere in Switzerland. I enjoy telling stories via my images and my passion for food brought me to assist food photographers in London and specialising in studio food photography. I also enjoy taking pictures of anything that capture my attention and normally I work in portraiture, events, wedding, lifestyle and corporate. I speak fluently italian, spanish, french, english and I have an intermediate level of german and portuguese. Capturing moments and being able to tell a story through a photo camera is my passion and my job and I believe is magic.

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Athon Lococo

Athon Lococo

Photographer at Photografica360

Athon Lo coco was born in Sicily on May 28, 1980 at Enna.  He graduated in Architecture in Palermo, specialized in Preparation and Museography.  Coming from generations of photographers, Athon has always been involved in the skill and art of photography.  Because of his surroundings and influences, he decided to pursue a career in photography arts with the same passion he put into his studies at university.

Since he has such an appreciation for the existing wonders around us, Athon chose to set aside architecture and focus mainly on photography.  Since 2009, he began professionally photographing different, special events like weddings, holidays, and events in Italy.  Today, he lives in Geneva and works for the Swiss newspaper and as an independent professional photographer.   Each day Athon tries to capture unique moments and details in the world by representing them in a simple snap!

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Claudio Flocco

Claudio Flocco

Photographer at Claudio Flocco Photography

Claudio was born August 2, 1986 in Ancona Marche.  He has been enthusiast discovering the world of photography since he was a child.

Even time-consuming studies and personal obstacles could not suppress Claudio’s passion for photography.  He has made this skill a profession and a way of life, capturing the beauty which lies all around us everywhere, every day.

Claudio identifies himself professionally with a quote from William Faulkner:

“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.”

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Riccardo Galardi

Riccardo Galardi

FOUNDER AND OWNER of & Galardi Media Network

Born in Florence (ITALY) in 1981, Riccardo has been passionate about science, physics, and photography since he was a child.

His father taught him how to use an old manual camera at a young age, and since then Riccardo has never stopped applying his creativity to his pictures.  Astrophotography, Macro and Panorama are the first images impressed on 35mm using analog technique.

Passionate in electronics, technology, video imaging and Web, in 2014, Riccardo decided to put his passion and competence into founding his own company, GALARDI MEDIA NETWORK.  His company works to teach, to find smart and innovative solutions, and to catch the moments and help people.

Riccardo and his wife, Marina, have traveled across Italy, Europe, USA and Australia, which has allowed Riccardo to let him explore photography’s ideas and concepts.

“Bring the camera wherever you bring your eyes.” These few words of Riccardo’s describe his pictures displayed today and, also, his lifestyle.

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Les Terrasses De Genève

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